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Bitcoin Poem 015

Bitcoin: The RIPCORD Blockchain

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PoemName - Bitcoin Poem xxx by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin and Open Technology Expert

His YouTube Channel (lots of education)

Author of "Mastering Bitcoin" and other books

Andreas Antonopoulos Twitter Channel

How to Choose Your Crypto Wallet

Bitcoin: The RIPCORD Blockchain (Bitcoin Poem 015)

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Bitcoin is Revolutionary
As power structures rearrange

Bitcoin is Immutable
A pristine record we can’t change

Bitcoin is totally Public
It’s for all to use (and see)

Bitcoin is Collaborative
Community run - by you and me

Bitcoin is fully Open
No permission required for use

Bitcoin is Resistant
To censorship and abuse

Bitcoin is Decentralized
Making the ledger strong
Bitcoin is a RIPCORD
Join the team and come along

Written 4/6/22 by Christopher Westra
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