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Bitcoin Poem 013

The Bitcoin Revolution

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The Bitcoin Revolution - Bitcoin Poem 013

Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto

The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

The Book of Satoshi (on Amazon)

Satoshi Nakamoto on Wikipedia

Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi

The Bitcoin Revolution (Bitcoin Poem 013)

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Maybe you joined for the money
To save your wealth from dilution
Bitcoin is money, strong and sound
But stay for the revolution

Maybe you came for clever tech
And Bitcoin’s designed solution
The coding and cryptography
Please stay for the revolution

Maybe it’s your first property
Due to worldwide distribution
Truly free and open to all
Now join in the revolution

We all want to save and to spend
Without fear of retribution
Bitcoin thwarts the controlling minds
Who are scared by the revolution

Take this step towards living free
From control and persecution
The Bitcoin Standard - hold it high
Stand firm for the revolution

Let’s keep it peaceful, free, and fun
While making our contribution
And helping our world financially
With the Bitcoin Revolution

Written DATE by Christopher Westra
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