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Bitcoin Poem 012

Bitcoin vs CBDC

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Inspired by Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano YouTube Channel

Anthony Pompliano Website

Bitcoin vs CBDC (Bitcoin Poem 012)

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Do we choose Bitcoin, or a CBDC?
One will control - one will make free
Bitcoin works through value and wealth
A CBDC works by cunning and stealth

Bitcoin is open - for everyone
The first and best - can’t be outdone
A CBDC is permission based
Your every action known and traced

Bitcoin is widely decentralized
Stable code - we won’t be surprised
A CBDC is CENTRAL by name
And code will change to suit their game

Bitcoin’s NOT able to discriminate
Freeze your funds - or control your fate
Yet all these can happen with a CBDC
And likely will, just wait and see

Which one has the money that’s sound?
Bitcoin’s issuance is known and bound
While a CBDC has no limit at all
With inflation causing the value to fall

So which do you really think is best?
Do your research, then mentally test
Which is controlling and which is free
When choosing Bitcoin, or a CBDC?

Written 2/25/22 by Christopher Westra
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