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Bitcoin Poem 011

Play by the Rules

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Inspired by Robert Breedlove

Founder of the "What is Money?" Show

Co-Author of Thank God for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Advocate on Twitter

Bitcoin Philosopher - Lex Fridman Interview

Play by the Rules (Bitcoin Poem 011)

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“Play by the rules”, we learn as youth
So all of us get to play fair
With rules made clear - solid and firm
We can play our best everywhere

But if the rules can change at all
Then most of our efforts are spent
Not on play, but on changing rules
And on who gets to circumvent

If rules can vary, why waste time
On laboring hard on the field?
Just fight to be the rule-changer
For your own advantage and yield

Bitcoin contains the steadfast rules
Immutable, strong, and precise
Nobody gets to change the code
Because they don’t want to play nice

Bitcoin gives the freedom to build
To create and produce and provide
Play by the rules, and live in peace
With our work and wealth verified

Written 2/17/22 by Christopher Westra
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