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Bitcoin Poem 010

Protect and Defend

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Inspired by Jason Lowery

Jason's YouTube Interview with Anthony Pompliano

Crypto News' Podcast with Jason - Bitcoin is Bulletproof Property

Bitcoin and Tesla's Vision - Jason and Robert Breedlove

Bitcoin is a War Deterrent - Article

Protect and Defend (Bitcoin Poem 010)

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Everyone needs safe property
Yet our ownership may end
If we no longer wield the power
To protect and to defend

So let’s rejoice, and not lament
That we must work and spend
Some time and force and energy
To protect and to defend

Our homes, our life, our property
We need to comprehend
The crucial stark necessity
Of staying ready to defend

Bitcoin provides a new defense
A system we recommend
Without the loss of life or limb
Yet strong enough to defend

Securely checked, encrypted too
All attacks it will transcend
This resilient form of property
We’ll protect, and we’ll defend

Though we’ve got our Bitcoin plan
Strong and safe until the end
Let’s give thanks and honor those
Who protect and who defend

Written 2/4/22 by Christopher Westra
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