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In Case it Catches On

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Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto

The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

The Book of Satoshi (on Amazon)

Satoshi Nakamoto on Wikipedia

Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi

In Case it Catches On (Bitcoin Poem 009)

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It might make sense to get some
In case it catches on
Satoshi said of Bitcoin
At Bitcoin’s earliest dawn

Yes, it just might make some sense
In case it catches on
To get some of this early tech
Before the Bitcoin’s gone

Maybe I should get some now
It seems it’s catching on
So I can gain more freedom
And not remain a pawn

It could be time - make a choice
Conclusions must be drawn
But you may just want to get some
In case it catches on

Written 1/27/22 by Christopher Westra
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