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Bitcoin Poem 008

Fiat - By Decree

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Inspired by Robert Breedlove

Founder of the "What is Money?" Show

Co-Author of Thank God for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Advocate on Twitter

Bitcoin Philosopher - Lex Fridman Interview

Fiat - By Decree(Bitcoin Poem 008)

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“Fiat” in Latin means “let it be done”
Yes, a “binding edict” for everyone
So “fiat money” means “by decree”
THE approved money for you and me

“Fiat lux” means “Let there be light”
God said the words, God has the right
But fiat money by leaders decreed
Abuses that role - if inflating by greed

Dollars are printing by trillions, it’s true
And all decreed money is inflating too
If “by decree” - debased money we use
Much of its value we can and do lose

Now you can use a “money” that’s new
Not “by decree”, so it’s freeing for you
Bitcoin is money that plays by the rules
Safe and predictable - no one it fools

The money printing, controlled by a few
Takes from the rest - not much we can do
You can use Bitcoin, by choice - not decree
Let’s make the choice - so we can be free

Written 1/17/22 by Christopher Westra
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