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Let's Change the World

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Inspired by Jack Mallers

CEO of Strike - A More Connected Financial World

Jack Maller's Twitter Account

Jack's Interview with 'What Bitcoin Did' Channel

Jack's YouTube Interview on the Pomp Podcast

Let's Change the World (Bitcoin Poem 007)

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Let’s all change the world for good
Strike while the iron’s hot - we should
Yes, spend or hold with tools we trust
On Bitcoin’s ledger - free and just

We can help the world connect
We can transfer funds direct
Lightning fast to save or send
To every land this will extend

Across the borders of all nations
Across the seas - no limitations
Free from meddling intervention
“The people first” was the intention

We’re on a mission to every land
This truth deserves a valiant stand
Bitcoin remains secure and strong
Let’s change the world - come along

Written 1/11/22 by Christopher Westra
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