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Bitcoin Poem 006

The Bitcoin Standard

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Inspired by Saifedean Ammous

Author of The Bitcoin Standard (link to Amazon)

Saifedean's Website - and Principles of Economics

Saifedean's Twitter Account

Saifedean's Bitcoin Standard Podcast

The Bitcoin Standard (Bitcoin Poem 006)

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A money system that’s built to last
Breeds long-term insights to our views
And money that inflates quite fast
Breeds short-term actions as we choose

A money system stable and sound
Gives us decades to work and build
Nurture each other - nurture the ground
As dreams and lives become fulfilled

Lasting families, lasting goals
Lasting buildings, lasting states
A lasting vision for our souls
Knowing that our wealth awaits

An unsound money kills our dreams
As every system falls apart
Hopes are torn up by the seams
And all are shaken - losing heart


The “fiat standard” rings unsound
Backed by nothing - quite unjust
A better standard we have found
The Bitcoin Standard - we can trust

Written 1/7/22 by Christopher Westra
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