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Bitcoin Poem 005

Rules Without Rulers

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Inspired by Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin and Open Technology Expert

His YouTube Channel (lots of education)

Author of "Mastering Bitcoin" and other books

Andreas Antonopoulos Twitter Channel

How to Choose Your Crypto Wallet

Rules Without Rulers (Bitcoin Poem 005)

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Rules without rulers - here today
With money coded the Bitcoin way
Transparent - and stronger than gold
Open source - can’t be controlled

Accountable, restrained by code
Issued by work, and not bestowed
Bitcoin does not “favorites” play
No influencer can coding sway

A global money with certain supply
Which rulers can’t change or modify
Bitcoin is neutral - for all - for YOU
A verified record - transparent too

Rules without rulers - come and join
The accurate ledger, the alpha coin
Decentralized, yet governed by rules
One of humanity’s most useful tools

Written 12/30/21 by Christopher Westra
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