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Bitcoin Poem 004

Walk to the Other Side

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Inspired by Jeff Booth

Author of "The Price of Tomorrow"

Entrepreneur and Technology Leader

Jeff's Interview with James from InvestAnswers

Jeff's Twitter Account

Walk to the Other Side (Bitcoin Poem 004)

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We can walk to the other side
One by one, our minds open wide
A better money - a better way
Walk to the other side today

Walk to the other system now
Feel the freedom it allows
Leave the distorted money scheme
And join the secure Bitcoin stream

When you walk to the other side
Help others cross - as humble guide
Pave the path and improve the way
Use patience in what you do and say

Our money will only stick around
With a money system truly sound
So walk to the other side with me
That we and our children can be free

Written 12/27/21 by Christopher Westra
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