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Bitcoin Poem 002

Five Attributes of Money

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Inspired by Robert Breedlove

Founder of the "What is Money?" Show

Co-Author of Thank God for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Advocate on Twitter

Bitcoin Philosopher - Lex Fridman Interview

Five Attributes of Money (Bitcoin Poem 002)

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All sizes of money - the large and small
Make money useful for one and for all
It’s able to split - making varied amounts
Useful for sending and keeping accounts


Money that lasts leads to money trust
It’s money that won’t decay or rust
A durable money lasts for years
Growing our wealth & calming our fears


Portable money moves with ease
So you take it along, wherever you please
It also means you can easily send
Your money ‘cross space, to family or friend


To see and to know - because we agree
That money is true - we just look and see
It’s best we can verify it is what it claims
So we can trade freely, with no money games


This last trait of money - a finite supply
Makes money solid - no one can deny
Stable in quantity, or growing quite slow
These are the five traits of money we know

Throughout all of time, Bitcoin’s done best
Showing these traits, far more than the rest
These five attributes reveal Bitcoin’s strength
With worldwide adoption coming at length

Written 12/5/21 by Christopher Westra
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